Morris Peterson hit a miraculous buzzer-beater to tie the game nine years ago today


Remember this one? On March 30, 2007, the Raptors were down three to the Wizards late when former Michigan State great Morris Peterson hit this miraculous buzzer-beater to tie it:

Yup, that’s Michael Ruffin committing some type of basketball atrocity that can’t even be put into words and then Mo Pete corralling the loose ball and launching a hail mary to tie it at the buzzer. The Raptors would go on to win the game in overtime.

Also of note is the incredible job by the announcer to steal every sports announcing exclamation he could think of. He forgot “do you believe in miracles, YES!” though. Also important is the announcers notifying the audience that Peterson had only played one minute in the game and that the Raptors did also this without “Bargnani and Garbajosa.”

JORGE GARBAJOSA! Remember Garbo?

Back to Morris Peterson, nobody has played more games in a Toronto Raptors uniform than Mo Pete although Demar Derozan will soon pass him by as he’s only 27 games behind him. This shot right here is by far his most memorable play as a Raptor. Thanks for making it happen, Michael Ruffin.


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