Hide yo kids, hide yo wife: This is the most Boban play ever


Hide the women and children!

Boban Marjanovic, the Spurs Ganondorf of a center, got the start against the Thunder on Saturday because Gregg Popovich decided to rest the whole team and he produced the most Boban play ever.

The number one take-away from this is that Steven Adams is a very large, scary man and doesn’t appear that way in this situation.

That’s because Bobby is the type of guy that just goes around ravaging villages and pilfering livestock amid a stampedeĀ of fleeing peasants. This is the type of guy that kidnaps princesses and holds them captive in his castle as the likes of Steven Adams and Serge Ibaka try to build up the courage to rescue her.

OK, so the Spurs ended up getting hammered this game and Bobby Shmurda had a very anti-Boban 13 points and six rebounds in 27 minutes. Let’s just pretend though that this happened on every single play because it’s just so much better that way.

Hold it high, Boban!


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