Here’s Michael Jordan coming out of retirement and laying 55 on the Knicks


March 28, 1995

This game at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks was Michael Jordan’s fifth game since coming out of “retirement” on March 18. You may notice he’s wearing that unfamiliar #45 jersey which he wore upon his return to the NBA for sentimental reasons.

The Knicks definitely noticed because MJ dropped a double nickel on them.

MJ put up 60 points for the Bulls plenty of times in his career, but this 55-point bonanza happened after not having played basketball for nearly a year and a half. All Jordan did on this day was break his own record that he set in 1986 for most points by an opponent at Madison Square Garden. Despite the 55, the game still came right down to the wire when Jordan found Bill Wennington for a game-winning slam with three seconds left.

Jordan finished the game shooting 21-37 and 10-11 at the free throw line. In the first quarter alone, Jordan shot 9-11 for 20 points. It seemed like half of the broadcast was spent talking about how well Knicks guard John Starks had defended Jordan throughout his career.

He had no chance today.


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