Something called Jusuf Nurkic taunted LeBron and then got owned


The Nuggets played the Cavaliers last night which meant we got to witness the much-anticipated LeBron James vs. Jusuf Nurkic match-up.

For those who aren’t Nuggets fans or DraftKings addicts, Jusuf Nurkic is just another foreign-born center in the international revolving door that is the Denver Nuggets center position. Jusuf A. Banks is the type of guy who will randomly put up a double-double off the bench and then play five minutes the next game before leaving with a knee contusion.

Nurkic is a pretty talented player actually and showed it when he impressively denied LeBron at the rim. He then decided to stare LeBron down and say something to him afterwards.

This was a mistake for a guy who fights for center minutes behind Nikola Jokic and “King” Joffrey Lauvergne because LeBron doesn’t forget.

The Nuggets ended up losing by more than 30 and LeBron had a triple-double.


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