The “Laroche Family Recovery Fund” GoFundMe is hilarious


As a White Sox fan, this whole Adam Laroche and his son Drake bullsh*t going on is rather embarrassing and needs to go away soon. My complete thoughts on the matter are way too extensive to get into right now, but basically the Sox should have banned the kid from the clubhouse last year if that meant getting rid of Laroche and his robust .207 batting average. Laroche you want your kid in the clubhouse? Hit .300 with 30 homers. The Sox would probably have let your kid play third base if you wanted him to.

However, something hilarious has surfaced in the form of an “Adam Laroche Family Recovery Fund” created by “Chris Sale” on GoFundMe and it’s spectacular. This isn’t the first “joke GoFundMe”  to surface, but it’s well executed and some very generous donors have stepped up to the plate to help the Laroche family out.

The description is gold:

Beloved member of the White Sox organization, Drake LaRoche, was abruptly removed from the team by executive VP Kenny Williams.  This gave his loving father, Adam LaRoche, no other choice but to stand by his son and retire from the team, losing 13 million dollars in the process.

Please help support the LaRoche family and get them back on their feet.

Drake not only lost his position in the clubhouse and on the team, but also he lost the guidance and leadership from multiple father figures on the Chicago White Sox.  This transition into a normal education outside of Major League Baseball will be tough for Drake and we’re asking for your help.

Also we we will be starting a clothes drive for Drake since he will no longer be receiving custom jerseys and uniforms.  If you have any lightly worn clothing (size Boys XL) please let us know.

Thank you.



So far $1,713 of the $13 million goal has been raised (much of it from the overly generous Brett Lawrie):

IMG_3174 IMG_3173 IMG_3171 IMG_3172 IMG_3169


Help the Laroche family out. Get Drake back in the clubhouse where he belongs. School is dumb. #FamilyFirst


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