Syracuse is playing so let’s relive them losing to Vermont


One of my all-time favorite tourney moments right here, 13th-seeded Vermont taking down 4th-seeded Syracuse with Gus Johnson on the call in 2004. Sorrentine from the parking lot. Never forget.

It’s worth watching this video just to hear Gus say Mopa-Njila eight times, but that Sorrentine shot. My goodness! This was Farokhmanesh times eight. The balls you have to have to take that shot. A step-in from the half-court logo. Love that Sorrentine took it. It solidified his name in March Madness lore forever.

It couldn’t have happenedĀ to a more likeable head coach than Vermont’s Tom Brennan or a more smug head coach than Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim either. There was not a single non-‘CuseĀ fan who didn’t want Vermont to win. I picked ‘Cuse to win this game, probably had them going far too. Didn’t care. This was Vermont’s time. Long live the Catamounts of Vermont and that time they beat Syracuse.

With that being said, hopefully Dayton beats ‘Cuse because Dayton has a guy named Scoochie Smith.


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