“One Shining Moment” from ten years ago will make you feel so goddamn old


We are approaching the eve of March Madness which means it’s time to break out some old ‘One Shining Moment’ montages. The one from 2006 obviously happened a decade ago because it’s 2016 and that just doesn’t seem possible:

I remember all this sh*t! How did this happen? Crying Adam Morrison, George Mason, Northwestern State over Iowa, pre-pubescent Joakim Noah, Tyrus Thomas running down the court like a banshee, PITTSNOGLE! ALL OF IT! Devin Booker wasn’t even ten years old yet and he’s playing in the NBA!

How is this as close to right now as it is to the 1996 “One Shining Moment” featuring bloody Marcus Camby, Bill Cosby on the trumpet, and VCR-quality footage?

I don’t get how this happened.


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