Here are all of Bojan Bogdanovic’s 44 points against the 76ers on Tuesday


Something called a Bojan Bogdanovic dropped 44 points for the Brooklyn Nets in their 131-114 victory over the hapless Philadelphia 76ers because that’s just the kind of sh*t that happens against them. Here are all 44 of them in all of it’s glory:

Bogdanovic’s 40-plus point game may be the most random 40-plus point game since Corey Brewer dropped 51 for the Timberwolves a couple years back (yes, Corey Brewer actually scored 51 points in a game once). Even that isn’t nearly as out of nowhere though

You could take it back to Terrence Ross putting up 51 for the Raptors in 2014. To truly reach Bogdanovic levels of randomness though you’ll probably have to go back to Anthony Morrow’s 42-point game for the Nets in 2012 or maybe even Jodie Meeks.

We all know the 76ers are a pathetic mess and now they have a whole bunch of starters hurt. First overall pick Jahlil Okafor is done for the season. Forwards Jerami Grant and Robert Covington both got injured on this play:

Even back-up power forward Richaun Holmes, who I only know because I’m a DraftKings addict, is hurt.

That leaves the already short-handed 76ers even more short-handed and sending out a starting line-up featuring players like Carl Landry and Hollis Thompson. It’s gotten so bad that they are now giving geriatric Elton Brand legitimate minutes in the frontcourt who you probably just learned at this very second is still on a NBA roster. ELTON BRAND!

That’s how things like Wonton Bingbongovich dropping 44 points on your team happens. The Sixers should be proud though. Some die-hard fans made the long trip from Philly to Brooklyn on a TUESDAY NIGHT to watch their Sixers in action.

As they were getting blown out, they could be heard chanting “trust the process” and “we’ve got draft picks.”

I guess 44 points by Boston Bananavich is just part of the process.


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