The Post-Lockout NHL: Which team chokes the most?


Combining the overall points accrued season-to-season (not including the current year), Turkatron has ranked each franchise in the post NHL lockout era (last ten years).  Also ranking teams based on their playoff performance during this time, the findings are quite interesting as regular season success doesn’t exactly mean playoff success. Behold the awards for ten great years of hockey…

(NOTE: For those not familiar with the NHL point system, the winning team receives two points and the losing team only receives a point if they lose in overtime or a shoot-out).

Playoff Chokers

Winner: San Jose Sharks (Reg. Season Points Rank – 2nd) – This team is so painfully disappointing that they have to be the biggest playoff chokers. They are the only team that has qualified for the playoffs nine or more times in the last ten years and not reached the Finals. You would think they could make the adjustments given the talented roster, but obviously they’re content chewing on their hockey sticks (see below). With an 8-9 playoff series record, this is a team that seriously struggles when the game counts. Oh yeah, they also blew that 0-3 series lead to the eventual Cup-winning Kings.

Runner-Up: St. Louis Blues (Reg. Season Rank – T17th) – Lately regarded as a good team, the Blues have been a one-and-done team since they were able to get good. Having made the playoffs five times in ten years, the Blues own a 1-5 series record which makes their first round exits all the more expected. Smoke if you got ’em!

Playoff n00bs

 Winnipeg Jets/Atlanta Thrashers (Reg. Season Points Rank – 24th) – A team so bad they lost their franchise. …The Thrashers eventually became the Winnipeg Jets, but that didn’t stop them from enduring heartbreak. The Jets/Thrashers franchise has been to the playoffs twice in ten years and they were swept in the first round. …twice. Ouch. …double ouch! They had no business lacing ’em up!

Runner-Up: Toronto Maple Leafs (Reg. Season Points Rank – 26th) – One playoff appearance in the last ten years and they lost in a heartbreaking opening round Game 7. I rank them better than the Jets/Thrashers because they were able to win three playoff games as opposed to getting swept twice, but still nothing to be proud of here.


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