Kendrick Perkins shouldn’t try doing basketball stuff


The fact that New Orleans Pelicans center Kendrick Perkins still plays minutes for a NBA team in non-blowout situations frightens me greatly, but it’s all worth it if he keeps doing stuff like this:

Perkins has been an endless stream of basketball shenanigans since joining the Pelcians via trade this season. Here he is getting himself ready to set a pick while still holding the basketball:

Which is better than setting a screen on nobody at all:

Among players averaging at least 10 minutes per game and with more than 15 games played this season, Kendrick Perkins is actually not dead last in John Hollinger’s player efficiency rating. He’s not even one of the bottom five!

Kendrick Perkins 5.88
Justin Holiday 5.37
Lamar Patterson 5.17
“Uptown” Anthony Brown 4.99
Sonny Weems 4.41
Rashad Vaughn 4.11

And …

James Anderson 3.44

These six men should be embarrassed for being below the Perkins line.


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