Dwight Howard’s titanium elbow fractured Alexis Ajinca’s sternum


Alexis Ajinca is a big French dude and one of the NBA’s worst players. It literally takes this guy 50 seconds to get from one end of the court to the other and he was once like a 42 overall in NBA 2ksomething, let’s call it NBA 2k9. That basically means he struggles to make lay-ups in practice mode.

The Pelicans were already hurting for big guys with Omer Asik out and Anthony Davis getting injured at least twice a month so that has left them with the likes of Ajinca and equally terrible Kendrick Perkins actually playing basketball for them. Well, that’s not going to be the case much longer because Ajinca is now out indefinitely with a broken sternum. The guy broke his f****** chest!

Naturally, this is all Dwight Howard’s fault.┬áIt’s fun to blame Dwight Howard for most everything from the Houston Rockets horrific season to global warming to Donald Trump and here’s just another thing we can blame Howard for.

Conclusion: Dwight Howard has titanium elbows. I mean, he broke the guy’s chest! Not just any guy either. Alexis Ajinca is 7’2″ and 248 lbs. That’s a big guy with a big chest This is easily the NBA’s second worst-sounding injury of the season, but still a distant second to the king of all terrible NBA injuries:


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