UPDATE: Ivan Johnson’s Philippines Basketball ban REDUCED!


The continuing “Where in the World is Ivan Johnson Getting Banned from Playing Basketball” series has taken a dramatic turn as the Talk n’ Text Tropang Texters forward (Blatche’s team!) had his life ban from the Philippines Basketball Association REDUCED on Wednesday.

The diamond grill wearing and Swaggy P swatting ‘Shoeless’ Ivan Johnson — who terrifies me more than the thought of contracting dysentery — was previously banned for life from the PBA after an incident in which he elbowed a guy in the face and then “addressed Commissioner Chito Narvasa with profanities and showed utter disrespect for authority.” Here’s video of the incident:

Even more incredible than being banned for life from playing basketball in a second country in Asia (he was also banned from Korean basketball in 2010), was that it all happened in the MIDDLE OF THE GAME! BANNED! FOR LIFE!

Now the news out of the Philippines is that Johnson’s rather lengthy suspension has been reduced to only a season-long suspension after he met with Commissioner Narvasa and rectified the situation. Accompanied by his wife and two kids, Johnson apologized for his actions — which was accepted  — and explained the reasoning behind his outburst.

Very well, then. We should be seeing ‘Shoeless’ Ivan Johnson back in Filipino action after the season.

What have we all learned from this?


Would you ban this man for life from playing basketball in your league?

You wouldn’t ban this man for life from playing basketball in your league.

That’s one scary motherf*******.


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