Ivan Johnson got banned for life from Filipino Basketball. …IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME!


Ivan ‘the Terrible’ Johnson, who straight up scares me more than a night out with Bill Cosby, has now been banned for life by an unprecedented second country in Asia and this time it was in the Philippines.

‘Shoeless’ Ivan Johnson (I’m calling him ‘Shoeless’ now) was just going about his basketball playing ways with the Tropang Talk n’ Texters (Blatche’s team!), minding his own business when some guy tried playing some D all up on him and NOBODY PLAYS D ON IVAN JOHNSON without getting an elbow to the face so Ivan elbowed him in the face.

Unsurprisingly, Johnson got ejected. BUT WAIT. He didn’t only get ejected from the game, but he got ejected from the league. FOR LIFE! NWO STYLE!

Just hit him with a steel chair and spray paint “NWO” on his back, why don’t you?

The commissioner of the NWO PBA was in the house and reportedly placed a lifetime ban on Johnson mid-game (and fined him $5,000 USD dollars if that wasn’t enough) for “addressing him with profanities and showing utter disrespect for authority.” Well, damn.

Could you imagine NBA commissioner Adam Silver just making his way courtside and banning DeMarcus Cousins from the league for life during a game after one of his monthly temper tantrums? Of course not because Commissioner Silver would never attend a Kings game, but that’s basically what went down here.

Johnson was previously banned for life from the Korean Basketball league in 2010 for flipping the bird to officials so the Philippines was stop number two on the “Where in the World is Ivan Johnson Getting Banned” expedition.

While in the NBA, Ivan Johnson played for the Atlanta Hawks from 2011-2013 and wore a diamond grill during games.

He also ended Swaggy P’s life once with a massive rejection.

His middle name is also Wilkerson. Scary motherf******.


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