Ex-UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel demos Jim Harbaugh’s “What you think about that, Ricky!?” handshake [VIDEO]


The Schmo had to investigate what it would feel like to receive an over-exuberant Jim Harbaugh post-game handshake. There were two great candidates for this mission: Former Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and former UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel. Better to get it from the guy who experienced it first.

Here’s what Neuheisel had to say about the infamous handshake:

“We beat Stanford with 20 seconds left, Cory Harkey scores a touchdown. As is commonplace, we go across, and customary, we go across to shake hands and I say, “Hey man, great game” and he says very little and he gives a cursory shake and takes off running. In matter of fact, he as silent. No worries, he’s upset we’ve all been there.

“Year 2, now we’re at the Farm and he’s got this kid by the name of Andrew Luck as his quarterback who ended up being a pretty good player. They beat us. …I think they beat us by eight, 24-16. You’d have to go back and look. We’re driving and had a chance to score and get the two-point conversion and tie it. Didn’t turn out that way. So I go across and say, “Congratulations” and he says, reach your hand out, “What you think about that, Ricky!?” and turns off running and I’m like, I’m in shock. I’m like, did that just happen? And later he would do the same thing or close to the same thing with Jim Schwartz with the Detroit Lions and Schwartz takes off after him and I remember watching and I had the same feeling. It’s just the competitor that is Jim Harbaugh. He cares very little about anybody who is in the adversary role. He’s all about his team and you either love him or can’t wait to play him again.”


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