Awesome ’90s NBA cards: Martin Muursepp taking a mid-air sh*t


What a set this 1996-1997 Upper Deck set was, the pinnacle of awesome ’90s NBA cards. Just so many classic cards like this Kobe Bryant rookie card or Steve Nash playing hockey rookie card. However, it’s really hard to top this Martin Muursepp taking a mid-air sh*t masterpiece:

Martin Muursepp taking a mid-air sh*t

One of the NBA’s greatest Estonians (the only one) and a unanimous First Team All-Estonian selection, there is very little that you need to know about Martin Muursepp whose proper name is actually spelled with two dots over both of the u’s in his last name. Here’s Martin being drafted:

And here’s the only highlight video I could find of Muursepp which includes him missing multiple free throws and dunks:

Despite a storied international career that included a Soviet Youth National Team appearance alongside the great Vitaly Potapenko, Muursepp’s NBA career was rather short-lived and only lasted from 1996-1998. He played in 83 career games, mostly for the Mavericks, and didn’t do anything too noteworthy outside of a game in which he played 37 minutes and scored a career-high 24 points with 14 rebounds. Most recently, Muursepp was an assistant coach in Belarus.

His most noteworthy career highlight is undoubtedly this 1996-1997 Upper Deck card. This photographer was just lucky enough to catch the Muursepp species in his natural habitat; taking a mid-air sh*t while holding a basketball. He or she even managed to capture it while the Muursepp was wearing his Miami Heat garb and basketball shoes. This photographer should be found and rewarded with whatever medals and honors photographers get for extraordinary and groundbreaking work. To this day, nobody has managed to capture the Muursepp species in such a position.

Here’s to Martin Muursepp, the only player ever to be captured taking a sh*t in mid-air. ’90s NBA cards are awesome.



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