Ex-Lakers Forward Samaki Walker: “Kobe, he sucker punched me”


Ex-Lakers forward Samaki Walker, who is still one of the NBA’s all-time great Samakis and the type of player that would be like a 70 or 71 overall in NBA Live 2000, gave an interview on the Brown & Scoop Show and said that Kobe Bryant sucker punched him back in 2002 over $100. The debt was owed because of a half-court shot game the Lakers would play at the end of practices.

Here’s how Samaki details the incident:

 It wasn’t even 48 hours, Kobe comes to me on the bus, asking me where his $100 is, believe it or not. Out of all the people, he chose me, which is still to this day puzzling. I told him, “Man, I don’t have no $100 on me right now. First of all, why are you coming at me for $100?” With that being said, I put my earphones back on, and once I put my earphones back on, the most amazing thing happened. Kobe, he sucker punched me.

The NBA, where amazing happens like Kobe Bryant sucker punching you as you’re listening to Ja Rule.

Now here’s how I detail it:

After the sucker punch, Samaki told Phil Jackson to stop the bus and invited Kobe to step outside with him, but Kobe declined the invitation.

A former ninth overall pick by the Mavericks in the 1996 NBA Draft, Samaki Walker’s most iconic NBA moment is that time he fouled Chris Mills trying to score on his own basket:

And then there was of course that draft day suit he wore:

Come to think of it, maybe that Kobe sucker punch was just six years overdue.


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