Zero Pucks Given: Blackhawks win streak to 12, Canadian teams struggle, LeCavalier turns back the clock


If you’re like Turkatron you probably don’t like to be told what to do, well that’s just tough, because that’s why The Turkatron was sent back in time from the future…in Canada, to be your hockey specialist. Each week highlighting all you need to know in the world of puck.

Do I talk enough about the Blackhawks? Short answer would be yes, but the correct answer is no. When you’re that good you deserve all the media exposure in the world.

Kane got a goal and an assist in a win on Tuesday, scoring on a doozy of a goal on a great feed from likely Rookie of the Year Artemi Panarin. The Blackhawks are now on a 12-game winning streak which is actually the longest streak they’ve had in franchise history. That’s hard to believe given the history of the Blackhawks, but it really speaks volumes to how bad they were before they got good. This serves as a story of hope and success to teams that have been mired in failure for years (Columbus, Buffalo, Carolina, every Canadian team). You can do it, teams in the NHL who are crap!

Blame Canada: With a loss to Boston and a Devils win last night, the Montreal Canadiens are now officially out of a playoff spot joining EVERY OTHER CANADIAN HOCKEY TEAM! Ouch, as a Canadian that really hurts. We haven’t had a cup in Canada since ’93 (although Lord Stanley’s Cup resides in Toronto at the Hall of Fame for the majority of the year). It appears the Canadian champions drought will continue this year as literally EVERY CANADIAN HOCKEY TEAM IS OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS! Even though the majority of NHL rosters consist of Canadian players, it still hurts! IT HURTS! *cries self to sleep*

My Cousin Vinny: Okay, Vinny Lecavalier is not my cousin, but he is on a three-game goal streak! The oft-scratched Flyer is now on the Kings and loving life. In what is his final year, Vinny has found his game in a top six role. Great for him and great for the Kings getting the most out of a guy who they paid nothing to get. This team just got deeper down the middle with a big body presence like Vinny. No, he we won’t create his own space like he used to do but he’s a smart player who’s been around and knows the game which will be valuable come playoff time.

Leafer Madness: Finally I get to talk about the Leafs! The biggest hockey market in the world hasn’t made any headlines recently because they haven’t done anything worth talking about. However, they now sit in second to last in the East after a win over the Flyers last night! I guess any publicity is good publicity, right? Yikes…*still shows Flyers highlight* Shayne Gostisbehere is a beast! The rookie defender has 17 points in 26 games, which is great rookie d-man numbers. If he keeps this pace up, he could be a sneaky Calder candidate.

…ah what the heck, here’s the Leafs winner.


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