Sam Bradford’s agent asked the Eagles for $25 million per year…no, seriously


Sam Bradford, a popgun-armed quarterback with no history of success in the NFL who can barely complete the most mundane of everyday tasks without suffering a significant, career-altering injury, was apparently looking to get paid before the 2015 season. Here’s ESPN’s Jim Trotter talking about how Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon, asked the Philadelphia Eagles for $25 million per year:

I want to make this day — January 20, 2016 — National “walk into your boss’ office and ask for a $25 million raise” day. Everybody do this. The reaction you get will likely be the same as the reaction Tom Condon got. $25 million, LMFAO. I wouldn’t give that guy $25 quarterback my team. He’d have to pay me to be my quarterback. This had to have been some type of highball strategy on the part of the Bradford agent’s.

If not, then this Condon character needs to be checked into a mental institution.

Sam Bradford threw as many touchdowns as Brian Hoyer this season and had the same quarterback rating as Brock Osweiler and Blaine Gabbert. That is all you need to know.


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