Here’s Timofey Mozgov riding a bear


The Cleveland Cavaliers released a promo for Timofey Mozgov winter hat giveaway night and it features “Smirnoff Ice” riding a bear:

Winter is coming. Be there or be f*cked. Anyone who doesn’t attend this game on January 23 is just going to turn into an icicle. Only those who have Timofey Mozgov winter hats are going to be able to survive the winter.

This isn’t the Cavaliers center’s first on-camera rodeo. ‘Smirnoff Ice’ has become a local Cleveland commercial icon since being acquired by the Cavaliers:

And here’s Mozgov randomly speaking Russian during a Cavs post-game interview:

I almost want to hang out with Mozgov as much as Charlie Whitehurst…..almost.


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