Look who the ‘Clipboard Jesus’ Charlie Whitehurst is dating


‘Clipboard freaking Jesus’. The legend of Charlie Whitehurst grows by the day, maybe even the minute. The holy one continues to remain the most relevant athlete possibly of our generation despite being a career backup quarterback that has won two football games in the NFL. Based on this Instagram from the Clemson-Alabama National Championship game, Charlie Whitehurst is apparently dating singer Jewel:

Things like this happen when you show up to a post-game presser dressed like an absolute sex panther:

charlie whitehurst

The guy is a man of 1,000 fashions. He’s like the Dean Malenko of back-up quarterbacks … and fashion. Not feeling the sex panther? Charlie Whitehurst can dial it back and go full Jesus hipster:

charlie whitehurst

Then boom, back to sex panther:

charlie whitehurstLet me tell everybody out there something about the legend that is Charlie Whitehurst. ‘Clipboard Jesus’ may not end up having a Hall of Fame football career, but he’s had a Hall of Fame life. This guy is in my Life Hall of Fame. A Jesus-looking, sex-panther dressing, clipboard-holding, career backup quarterback who is now dating a four-time Grammy award nominee that has one of the best selling albums of ALL-TIME. Life Hall of Famer. I want to hold a Life Hall of Fame induction ceremony with the inaugural class being the ‘Clipboard Jesus,’ Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and whatever guy cured Polio (terrible disease, I’m so glad I didn’t live in the early 1900s). That’s a Hall of Fame class.

If I could be Charlie Whitehurst for a day, I would honestly be disappointed because I’d probably live the rest of my life thereafter knowing for a fact that I could never live a life as great as that of the ‘Clipboard Jesus.’

Keep slayin’ Clippy.



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