That’s a bad way to lose: Austin Rivers fouls on a three, ruins everything


This is a very special edition of “That’s a bad way to lose” because I actually lost on it! While everybody else in the world was watching the Vikings-Seahawks game (and I was too), I had my eyes glued to the Clippers-Pelicans game because I just love picking those early Sunday NBA unders. I love it so much that I decided to up the stakes with an under bet on the second half as well so this was really taking degenerate gambling to the next level.

The lines here were 204.5 on the over/under for the game and 102 on the over/under for the second half. It should also be noted that Anthony Davis did not play in this game due to his bi-monthly injury.

After a slow start to the game (12:30 P.M. start after a Saturday night in LA…..) in which the Pelicans were up 24-19, the Clippers exploded in the second quarter for 37 points because God forbid the Pelicans should put together two good quarters of basketball in a row this season. At the half, the under wasn’t looking good with a 56-49 score but I had faith in my early Sunday over/under theory and did I ever have faith… much faith that I took that under 102 on the second half which also counts overtime.

The Clips and Pels combined for 55 points in the 3rd quarter and the Clippers led 84-76. I thought I was completely f*cked with only 44 points to spare on the original over/under and 47 points on the second half for a push. However, the Clippers did their usual “let’s completely collapse in the 4th quarter thing” and somehow managed to be leading 100-98 with four seconds left in the game and J.J. Redick stepping to the free throw line who only shoots about 150% from the stripe. Just make both J.J. and even if the Pels make a desperation three at the buzzer, I still hit. Just NO OVERTIME!

Obviously, Redick only made one which gave the Pelicans one final chance at a three-pointer with one second left after Chris Paul took a foul. I really would’ve been OK if Jrue Holiday hit a desperation three, at least they would’ve earned it that way. This, though. Not this. Anything but this!

Motherf*cker! Oh me oh my is right…of all people, it’s of course Austin Rivers — the guy that makes me think that I too could be an NBA reserve if my dad were a head coach — committing the boneheaded foul on the Jrue Holiday three point attempt. You cannot be serious. Why? Just why are you even giving the refs a chance to make that horrific call which by the way was complete bullsh*t…so bullsh*t that it makes me think that the refs had the over on the game (or Pels money line, I suppose). Always bet the way of the refs, that’s betting rule #1.

Anyways, Jrue Holiday made all three of his free throws to send the game to overtime as I called Austin Rivers an albino munchkin that only exists because his dad allows him to. This is what happens when you’re a degenerate.

That’s a bad way to lose



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