RG3 cleans out his locker, leaves a giant goodbye meme


The Robert Griffin III era in Washington is officially over which means RG3 — who played less snaps than Dan Orlovsky this season — needs to be all overly dramatic and leave some giant goodbye note that looks more like a meme:

This is apparently a Mother Teresa quote which is appropriately displayed over the most racially insensitive logo in all of sports. Let me be the first to publicly criticize RG3 — because I know that’s never been done before — for his lack of meme artistry.

The writing needs to go on the top and the bottom so that you can proudly display that racially insensitive Redskins logo. It’s what Dan Snyder would want! It doesn’t matter how small you have to make the font. I don’t care if you need to get out a magnifying glass to read it. The writing needs to be on top and on the bottom. Those are the rules of memes.

Also, you missed one RGIII:

If you see a man twice your size charging in to tackle you

Take a big hit anyway.


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