A Dallas bellhop told me that it’s going to be a Chiefs-Panthers Super Bowl


I went to the Alabama-Michigan State Cotton Bowl game in Dallas over New Year’s which turned out not to be very much of a game at all, but that wasn’t the highlight of the trip. I stayed at the Fairmont Dallas and received some inside info from the bellhop there that the Chiefs and Panthers are going to meet in the Super Bowl. I ended up placing a wager on this at 18-1 which seems like a rather impulsive decision, but I’ve never had so much confidence in a wager in my life. So why did I do this? After all, Alex Smith is the quarterback of the Chiefs. He can barely throw the ball ten yards. This is happening though and here’s why.

There are forces at work in the galaxy that are well beyond the comprehension of a mere Divac and trump all analytical logic that I can apply in evaluating potential outcomes. I initially took the bellhop’s assertion of “watch dem Chiefs and Panthers” with a grain of salt, but when he revealed to me that his name was Tony Bennett (he showed me his ID and wrote his name on a TripAdvisor business card so it’s a confirmed truth), a light bulb went off in my Divac head.

Tony Bennett…..the same name of the famous singer Tony Bennett who’s most well-known¬†song is “I Left my Heart in San Francisco:

And where is the Super Bowl being played this season? At Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, home of the…..wait for it….San Francisco 49ers.

But wait there’s more.

Who was the first ever performer at the Venetian Room at the Dallas Fairmont in 1965 (according to bellhop Tony)? You guessed it. Tony Bennett

It’s a lock. Panthers-Chiefs Super Bowl. Cancel the playoffs. These forces are just too strong. I’ve already booked my flight back to Dallas and Tony and I are poppin’ bottles when this happens.



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