Lakers forward Ryan Kelly has officially murdered the man bun


I recently praised Spencer Hawes and his ability to sport the controversial man bun by anointing him as an owner of one of the top five freshest white guy hair styles in the NBA. Unfortunately for Spencer Hawes, Ryan Kelly has decided to completely murder the man bun.

So I was watching a Warriors-Lakers 30-point blowout last night due to gambling/DraftKings addiction problems and in came Lakers forward Ryan Kelly (not the rapper of the same first initial and name) who only plays in these type of situations. Amid my cheers for Marcelo Huertas (DraftKings!!), I noticed a grotesque sight that I simply will never be able to unsee. What the f*ck is that on Ryan Kelly’s head?

I swear, there’s a man bun back in that forest. The guy looks like he’s permanently wearing one of those African head wraps or whatever ladies in Africa wear on their heads.

Let’s start though with this very important study on man buns (which has to be 100% true because it was the THIRD choice that came up on Google when I search “man bun”) that pretty much says most women hate it. Bill Cowher’s daughter was probably not in this study because she’s actually married to Ryan Kelly and his newly sprouted man bun. This was unfortunately one of the best pictures I could find on the internet of Ryan Kelly’s terrible man bun (step up your game, internet). It doesn’t do it nearly enough justice. Trust me, just tune into the next Lakers game when they are getting blown out (so any Lakers game) and catch the Ryan Kelly man bun in action

The man bun isn’t all that good of a look in general, but some men can make it work. Those men are not Ryan Kelly. He’s making a run at Jeremy Lin and George Hill for NBA’s worst hairstyle. Spencer Hawes makes the man bun work, even Louis Amundson made the man bun work. If there was a man bun party, then Ryan Kelly just shut it down. Thanks Ryan. #RIPManBun


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