Which white guy has the freshest haircut in the NBA?


White guys in the NBA take a lot of heat for being white in a pre-dominantly African-American sport, but let me tell you something. …this is the year of fresh white guy NBA haircuts. Lots of fresh looking white ballers out there. Gone are the days of Dirk Nowitzki bowl cuts, Steve Nash’s boy band look, and Brad Miller’s cornrows.

Here are the days of white guys putting ample amounts of time into prepping their hair so that it still looks immaculate after playing 30+ minutes of basketball. …and you know what, I respect that. It’s important to look good. Here’s the top five:

5. Beno Udrih – Miami Heat

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Take a look at Beno! Beno joined his fellow Slovenian countryman Goran Dragic in Miami after being traded from Memphis and he’s now looking extra fresh. He also has no idea what Chris Bosh’s deal is:

Beno had no idea of what Chris Bosh was doing ? (H/t: @observatoryreflex) #Basketballvines

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4. J.J. Redick – Los Angeles Clippers

J.J. Redick (Hollywood Reporter)

This isn’t your Dukie, abortion contracting, DUI J.J. Redick anymore. This is now the L.A., tat-sleeve, GQ haircut J.J. Redick who is enjoying his time with Clippers when their bench isn’t messing everything up (so rarely is he enjoying his time with the Clippers).

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

 3. Spencer Hawes – Charlotte Hornets

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

J.J.’s former teammate Spencer Hawes has been rocking the trendiest of trendy male haircuts, the man bun. I’m not really sure what purpose the man bun serves. …according to this important study on man buns, women don’t seem to like them too much but I have to recognize Spencer and his attempt at being trendy. I’m in no position to knock anybody with this type of style:

Taller than the tree!: Los Angeles Clippers' Spencer Hawes wears a Christmas themed suit as he attends the NBA basketball game against the Golden State Warriors

2. ‘Dancin’ Danilo Gallinari – Denver Nuggets


There’s nobody who spends more time on their hair than ‘Dancin’ Danilio Gallinari. Check that, there’s no player in the history of the NBA who spends more time on their hair. He doesn’t just throw that hair gel in like Jeremy Lin. He definitely spends 20 minutes pre-game styling it to absolute perfection and then another 20 minutes just looking at it in the mirror.  From minute one to minute 48, the dude’s mohawk (or is that a fauhawk?) remains immaculately styled to the point that it just makes no sense. He’s from Italy though, so maybe it makes sense. Danilo Gallinari brings a lot of swag to the Nugs. Major Euro swag.

1. Gordon Hayward – Utah Jazz

Gordon Hayward (Reddit)

Gordon Hayward is well-deserving of the #1 spot just due to the transformation. Who would ever think that this Butler Bulldog from Brownsburg, Indiana would be looking so fresh? Just look at him:

That’s borderline late 90’s Dirk. Not quite, but it’s close. And he’s playing in Utah! It’s not like he’s in L.A. or Miami, it’s Utah! They don’t even drink coffee there! When I think of the Utah Jazz, I think of like Greg Ostertag and Andrei Kirilenko, not trendy hairstyles and swag. Well done, Gordon Hayward. Enjoy your hair title.


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