Fantasy football owners furious after Steve Harvey announces Yahoo stat correction


LAS VEGAS – Furious fantasy football owners have taken to Twitter to tear apart TV personality Steve Harvey who just recently announced a Yahoo fantasy football stat correction that altered the results of countless playoff match-ups.

Just a day after hosting the Miss Universe 2015 competition, Steve Harvey was broadcast on a Yahoo livestream from his Las Vegas hotel room to announce the heartbreaking news to fantasy owners around the world:

“I…I have to apologize,” Harvey muttered. After at least 15 seconds of awkward silence, a distraught Harvey finally broke the news, “The Seahawks defense DID NOT record three sacks against the Browns on Sunday.” Harvey then paused once again for dramatic effect, “They only recorded two!”

Harvey then held up a screenshot of the official box score on his iPhone:

“Listen folks, let me take control of this. This is exactly what’s in the box score. I’m taking responsibility for this. It’s my mistake. I didn’t realize that Johnny Manziel was in front of the line of scrimmage when he was tackled in the first quarter. It’s in the box score. Horrible mistake, but the right thing. I can show it to you right here. The Seahawks only had two sacks. It is my mistake. Still a great week. Please don’t hold it against Yahoo. I feel so badly. Still a great week.

A Yahoo representative echoed the statements by Harvey:

“This is 100% Steve Harvey’s fault and Yahoo respects his omission of guilt in this unfortunate circumstance. This has nothing to do with the NFL’s stat-keeping or a technological error on Yahoo’s part. We mistakenly appointed Steve Harvey as a guest stat-tracker for the Week 15 game between the Seattle Seahawks and Cleveland Browns and deeply regret it now. We completely understand the turmoil this may cause in fantasy football leagues this week and apologize if this stat correction has caused you to lose your fantasy playoff match-up. If you feel it necessary, please direct all angry outbursts to Steve Harvey’s Twitter account, @IAmSteveHarvey. Thank you for playing Yahoo Fantasy Football.

Shortly after the livestream was released, angry fans bombarded Steve Harvey’s Twitter account with profanity-laced tweets and death threats with some even going as far to call the error “HarveyGate.” Many of these Twitter users had thought that they had advanced to their league’s championship game, but were now suddenly dealing with the heartbreak of playoff elimination. The others were just being d*cks.

Within minutes, a parody account named @IAmAF*ckingIdiot was created with Steve Harvey’s face as the profile picture that tweeted out things such as “30-yard field goal? 1 billion points for Steven Hauschka!”

The NFL has completely distanced itself from he scandal, but plans on having Steve Harvey take the blame in the future for a variety of league issues such as concussions and those horrible Thursday Night Football jerseys.

(NOTE: This story is completely fictional (well, at least PROBABLY fictional) and is only designed to be enjoyed as “satire.” However, the use of this to test others’ gullibility is not discouraged in any way.)


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