Should Jason Day have tried to save his wife from being destroyed by LeBron?


Hot takes! Get your hot takes!

So pro golfer Jason Day’s wife, Ellie Harvey, is all good after LeBron absolutely destroyed her during last night’s Cavs-Thunder game while diving for a loose ball which is great news. It was quite a scary moment, but she was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons and has been released this morning:

That’s great news. Now here’s the play in question if you haven’t seen it yet:

OK, so I’ve been hearing some sh*t around Divactown that Jason Day should have stepped in to prevent his beautiful wife Ellie from getting LeTrampled. Let’s ignore the fact that he had less than a second to react to the play in question, literally a split second. You can see him reaching for the ball as LeBron all of a sudden comes barreling in. Human brains are not predisposed to properly react to large men coming out of nowhere to trample you. I know nothing about brain anatomy or science stuff, but that’s a fact.

Quick question: If you see a girl tied to the railroad tracks with an oncoming locomotive barreling towards, what do you do? Now if you have an adequate amount of time, then you attempt to untie the madam and save her so that she will then kiss you and call you a hero (and hopefully a little more). However, let’s say that she’s literally going to be run over by this train in a half second. Do you jump in front of the train? F*CK NO! You Just shrug you shoulders and say, “oh well, did what I could.”

LeBron is a f*cking locomotive. If somebody told Jason Day that LeBron was going to destroy his wife in fifteen seconds while diving for a loose ball then I’m sure he would have done something to prevent that from happening like maybe, “Hey babe, we should switch seats.” What’s Jason supposed to do though…jump in front of her so that it’s not only the weight of LeBron falling on her, but his own as well? That would make it worse! Does Jason Day have secret super-human immovable PGA tour golfer strength that can withstand the force of a goddamn NBA locomotive like LeBron James? He probably doesn’t, only John Daly has that type of PGA Tour golfer strength, so he would have been crushed as well. It’s every man/woman for him/herself when sitting in a chair in close proximity to extremely large men┬árunning around like banshees and chasing after a ball.

This was just a wrong place, wrong time type of moment for poor Ellie. Glad she’s OK though. Being LeTrampled looks terrifying. #DontBlameJason


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