Divac’s Daily DraftKings Logic – 12/18/15


GAME OF SKILL! GAME OF SKILL! I’ve officially gone all-in on my DraftKings addiction so I might as well write about it. As always, if I don’t place tonight then I’m jumping off a building.

Let’s see how things went last night:


I see fire! But I also see Cody Zeller. And I don’t see Jeremy Lin. Yeah, f— you too Stinky.

Stinky Zeller was only in my lineup because I needed a forward and that’s what I could afford. He started out like a banshee with 8.5 points in the first four minutes or so but then turned back into his goofy goober self and picked up like four fouls in two minutes. He did the same exact thing last time I picked him and I swore him off from ever gracing my DraftKings lineup again. That lasted a whole three weeks. Never pick a Zeller. That’s a DraftKings motto to live by.

The biggest misstep was opting for J.R. Smith over Jeremy Lin who put up 50 points sans Batum. I still managed to double-up somehow, but I was able to go to bed early in the Sharpshooter when Lin had like 30 at half and ended up shooting a ridic 13 for 22. Of course that game also went into OT (because Dwayne Casey wouldn’t let Demar Derozan make a game-winning half court shot) and Demar (as I predicted, but of course didn’t pick because I just NEEDED TO HAVE J.R. Smith), Kemba, and Bismack “Dat A– Up” Biyombo all had monsters.

To the flames, Red Rova Dellavedova is welcome on my team any time. Thanks Aussie! Picking players against Houston worked out again with Kobs and JuJu Randy. Bron was a no-brainer. Good night if you passed on him. Was hoping for more from Westy, but he still got those flames at 51. That three that would’ve sent the game into OT would’ve been a DraftKings game-changer, but what you gonna do. Let’s take a look at the big Friday slate. First a couple of potential injuries that I’m keeping an eye on that will inevitably f— up my perfect lineup five minutes before tip:

Monta Ellis, Questionable – Guessing he plays despite the knee injury because he doesn’t like to sit, but Rodney Stuckey ($4,500) would probably find his way into my lineup in a great match-up with Brooklyn if he does sit.

Rodney Hood, Questionable
– He’s got a late start against the Nuggets, but his absence would give Alec Burks ($5,000) a boost in what is already a good match-up for the combo guard.

Now for tonight’s locks:

Jrue Holiday $5,100 PG, (NOR @ PHO)

Jrue’s minutes limit is no more and he’s been killing it since moving to a bench role averaging 32.65 ppg over his last five. He’s showing no signs of slowing down and gets a great match-up with Phoenix so he’s a lock for me until he ends up out-pricing himself.

Andre Drummond $9,100 C, (DET @ CHI)

Andre Drummond eats people and generally follows up disappointing performances with big games. He also gets to play the Bulls who are the worst team at defending the center position. He’s not all that expensive tonight so Drummond’s a no-brainer lock for me.

Tyreke Evans $7,300 SG, (NOR @ PHO)

Suns-Pels stack? Evans should be priced closer to $8k and he’ll get there soon enough. Evans has a little good game-bad game action going on right now and is primed for a big one against a Suns team that consistently allows big games to perimeter players (see Thompson, Klay). Evans has played 30+ minutes in every game except one this season and is averaging nearly 40 ppg in those contests. Dial him up.

Chris Bosh $7,100 PF, (MIA v. TOR)

You’re going to quickly learn that I love picking guys against their former teams and Bosh is coming off an 18 point clunker against the Nets. In his previous two games under 25 points, Bosh responded with 43.5 and 46 and he’s got a little good game-bad game action going on as well over his last six games. The Raptors have been letting up the third most rebounds to PFs over the last 10 days and he’s not going to be heavily owned on a large slate Friday.

Sneaky Divac Play of the Day! J.J. Barea $3,400 PG, (DAL v. MEM)

I love me some J.J. Barea. Dude out-kicked his coverage more than any player in professional sports:

Former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera (J.J. Barea’s Wife)

Barea’s averaging 22.5 ppg when he gets more than 21 minutes. That shouldn’t be a problem with Devin Harris out for this one and Chandler Parsons still on his minutes limit. He also has a strong match-up with the Grizzlies and a smoking hot wife. Hip hip Barea!

Let’s make a mil!



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