Divac’s Daily DraftKings Logic – 12/17/15


GAME OF SKILL! GAME OF SKILL! I’ve officially gone all-in on my DraftKings addiction so I might as well write about it. As always, if I don’t place tonight then I’m jumping off a building. Now let’s make a million dollars:

The small Thursday slate can be a ton of fun because it limits the amount of players I can be completely wrong on. Let’s first take a look at some potential key injuries that will inevitably cause me to f*ck up my perfect lineup 5 minutes before tip:

Nic Batum Questionable  – Batum goes the Dynamite’s illness is likely 100% DraftKings-related with the sole intention of causing chaos among the DFS community. If he sits, somebody named Jeremy on the Hornets is going to have a big game and my guess is Lamb ($4,300). He would be a must play.

Mo Williams Questionable – Because of course he is. “Red rova Red rova send” Matthew Dellavedova ($4,400) averaged just over 26 ppg in the three games Mo has missed and would be a must play in a good match-up with OKC

Iman Shumpert Out – Took him a whole one game to get hurt again. Greatly improves the prospects of J.R. Smith.

Regardless of these pending injuries, here’s who I’m definitely taking for Thursday:

Russell Westbrook PG $10,300 OKC @ CLE

If Russell were $57,000, I would still take him and just submit a lineup of just him and Robert Sacre. You shouldn’t be allowed to enter a lineup tonight if you don’t take him. Last time he put up less than 40 points (he put up 30 last night), he responded with 61 and now has an impressive 11-game streak of alternating games above 50 and below 50. This is Divac logic if I’ve ever heard it. Russell’s getting 40+ minutes in what should be a tight OKC/CLE game


Kobe Bryant $6,100 LAL v. HOU

Kobe literally does not give a f*ck anymore and is firing away with absolutely no regard for humanity which is great news for anybody taking him in DraftKings. Even if you’ve only played DraftKings for like five days, it should be ingrained in your brain that you should take SFs against the Rockets. In fact, I should get a tattoo that just says “SFs vs. HOU DKings 2015-16.” They couldn’t stop Kobe last time they played. They couldn’t stop Will Barton. They couldn’t stop Omri Casspi. They couldn’t even stop Bojan Bogdanovic. Take Kobe. Everyone will, so should you.

LeBron James SF $9,900 CLE v. OKC

Bron’s getting 40+ minutes too in this one and is under 10k. Lock him in.

J.R. Smith $4,900 CLE v. OKC

J.R’s price is back below $5k where he seems to be most comfortable. The absence of Iman Shumpert helps a lot. The absence of Mo Williams would help even more. He’s got a nice match-up with an OKC team that has struggled to defend the three ball from SGs recently.

Frank Kaminsky $3,700 CHA v. TOR

No, really. I refuse to take Dwight Howard or Roy Hibbert because I hate them and they are terrible so they’re out. Timofey Mozgov literally had a game three games ago in which he put up ZERO stats….not even a shot or a personal foul. It was like he was a ghost on the floor. Smirnoff Ice isn’t happening.

I’ve never considered taking Steven Adams or Enes Kanter before and there’s good reason for that. Adams has followed every 25+ point game this season with a complete clunker so he’s out (had 27 last night) and Kanter can only do well if he rebounds which is exactly what Cleveland does best at preventing centers from doing so he’s out. Clint Capela is too expensive and can’t be trusted off the bench, even against the Lakers. And the “Return of” Bismack Biyombo is just not happening at $4,800, even against his former team. He’s an 18 point game waiting to happen.

So, that leaves Spencer Hawes and Frank Kaminsky as the only somewhat viable options left. Since Al Jefferson got hurt, Frank the Tank has averaged nearly 19 points per game which is decent for his price tag (.498 ratio) and has played 20+ minutes in five straight. Let’s ride NBA Pete Wheeler tonight.

Sneaky Divac Play of the Day! Demar Derozan $7,100 TOR @ CHA

Charlotte has been playing zero defense and no team has been weaker against the SG position over the last 10 days than the Hornets. Demar Derozan AKA the Canadian Jerry Stackhouse has been hot, averaging 39 ppg over his last four. Potential injuries have prevented me from locking CJS in, but I’d really like to have him in my lineup tonight so please play Batum and Mo. This one isn’t the TNT game and he’s not too sexy of a pick so he shouldn’t be too heavily owned tonight.


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