Zero Pucks Given Hall of Fame Nominee: Prust Spears Marchand in the Nether Region


Every so often in the world of hockey, a person comes along who displays no shame at all. We honor those people by nominating them for the Zero Pucks Given Hall of Fame. The requirements are simple: the player/person must demonstrate no regret for their actions. Credit is given to players who excel in not caring what you or the media thinks of them. To not care is to give…Zero Pucks

Brad Marchand is a noted trash-talker and is known around the NHL as a pest. Sometimes Karma can be a b***h, just ask Marchand that after being speared straight in the nuts by 4th liner and grinder, Brandon Prust on Saturday night.

This is clearly a suspend-able play, and Prust was fined $5000 for the incident. I’m pretty sure the Canucks can survive without their bruiser Brandon Prust for a game or two if he were to be suspended. He knowingly takes the fine and possible suspension just for the chance at jabbing Marchand where it hurts. But this act is not enough to be inducted into the ZPGHOF. It is Prust’s post-game response to the incident that lands him as the first nominee.

“Best money I’ve ever spent”. Thank you Brandon Prust for doing what every player who has played against the Bruins has wanted to do for so long and giving Zero Pucks about it.


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