Schmos of the Week: Monmouth basketball benchwarmer celebrations are the best


You may not have noticed because of Thanksgiving festivities and football and college basketball being completely irrelevant before like the month of February, but Monmouth University earned it’s first win over a ranked opponent ever when they beat #17 Notre Dame 70-68 at the Advocare Invitational.

Teams like Monmouth beating teams like Notre Dame have become alarmingly commonplace in college basketball in recent years, to the point that it isn’t really even noteworthy anymore. Throw in the fact that the college basketball regular season is virtually meaningless, the level of play is worse than it has ever been, and the top players are being forced to play in college instead of being their on their own accord and you have a sport that is really trending downwards.

However, these benchwarming schmos for Monmouth give no f*cks about any of that:


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Oh and they weren’t done:

Yeah, Monmouth will probably lose in like the second round of the NEC conference tournament and never be heard from again. But for this week, Monmouth basketball is king of college basketball and it’s all because they’re benchwarmers are schmos. Long live the Monmouth bench schmos!


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