FDJunkie’s Turkey Day Special FanDuel Trip – Fat Eddy Feasts


Everyone thinks they are an “expert” on fantasy sports. That’s why daily fantasy exists. The only thing that separates the FDJunkie from those “other experts” is that he has a platform now to pretend like he’s one.

Now while I typically tend to pass up on the smaller slates, and almost always the leagues that lock Thursday, Thanksgiving is a special treat. Not only do we get to eat the most overrated assortment of food, but we get to play our annual Turkey Bowl touch, flag or tackle football games with friends and family as an appetizer for the classic Thursday NFL games. As expected, money hungry Goodell has expanded this tradition beyond just the Lions and Cowboys giving us a 3rd game to take into consideration. Thanks Rog, you rock! o_O


Big Whip: Cam Newton @ Dallas ($8,900) – Going into the year, no one expected the Panthers to be in their current position going into this game,especially with the loss of Kelvin Benjamin in the off-season. Well here we are with the leading MVP candidate performing at the highest level both on and off the field.  Good Man Cam for the win! Pair with Devin Funchess

Acid Trip: Jay Cutler @ Green Bay ($6,900) –Not necessarily the biggest stretch for the Thursday options but if you want to maximize your potential in position players, play Jay who has been quietly putting together his best year as a Chicago Bear without the weapons he has had at his disposal over the last few years. Pair with Alshon Jeffery if active, otherwise Marquess Wilson

Absent Slip: Philadelphia Eagles QB – The Lions defense just shut down Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr in back to back weeks. Maybe I was wrong about them. Even if I was right about them not being that good, whoever plays QB for Philly will be even less not-good.

Running Backs

Big Whip: Darren McFadden vs Carolina ($8,100) – This is a sheer volume play. Over the last 5 games since McFadden “emerged” with the help of Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar, he has averaged 24.5 carries and a few catches per game. You can’t find consistent opportunity like this much at all in the new era of running backs.

Turkey Day Special: Eddy Lacy vs Chicago ($6,500)– An inside source informed me that Thanksgiving is Eddy Lacy’s favorite holiday because he gets to eat as much as he wants and nobody can judge him for it. All game long Fat Eddy will have his eyes on the seven-legged turkey prize that will be strategically placed in the back of the end zone that the Packers are going towards. Let the man eat!

Acid Trip: Darren Sproles @ Detroit ($5,000) – Ryan Mathews looks like he will miss another game with his concussion so Sproles remains on the speed dial. All it takes is one touch for little Sproles to slip through a small crack and find pay dirt so he’s worth the long shot this week.

Absent Slip: Bears RBs – It’s looking like Forte will be making his return from injury Thursday which makes the idea of playing either him or Langford a huge risk. He is open to splitting carries evenly, Langford has looked great, this is a difficult situation to predict. They could both be great, they could both do nothing, I’d rather sit on the sidelines of this battle and just watch the talent.

Wide Receivers

Big Whips:

Calvin Johnson vs Philadelphia ($8,200) – Over the last four games, Calvin has put up roughly 5 catches and mid-80s in yards. This is not quite what we have come to expect from Megatron but it is a solid floor foundation for him to expand upon this week in a favorable match up. Add a touchdown or two to those totals and now we are talking about a top performance.

Alshon Jeffery @ Green Bay ($7,600) – Any time Jeffery plays, Cutler locks in and gets the ball in his hands. The $7,600 price tag is a major discount reflecting his inability to stay on the field this season but if he has the green light, it is an automatic stud. If he remains sidelined, take this endorsement and pass it right on to Marquess Wilson who has only excelled when Jeffery and Royal have both been out.

Acid Trips:

James Jones vs Chicago ($5,800) – As a Bears fan, nothing hurts more than watching JJ burn us for touchdowns in Week 1 as he made his return to the Pack. Honestly, I expected nothing less as over his entire career he has found a way to use his minimal skill set to maximum success against the Bears. Coming off a 6-109-1 game, Jones could easily repeat for the re-invigorated Pack offense.

Ted Ginn Jr. @ Dallas ($5,400)– All the hype lately has been around the rookie Devin Funchess who has come on strong over the last few weeks. While he desserves to be “a step ahead” of Ginn, the Panthers’ twin burner (Corey “Don’t call me Philly” Brown) is likely to miss the Thursday game so Ginn could expect to see a few more deep targets come his way.

Absent Slip:

Jordan Matthews @ Detroit ($6,000) – Does he even still play football? LOL

Tight Ends

Big Whip: Greg Olsen @ Dallas ($6,400) – I don’t necessarily like recommending the the most expensive option or the “obvious” play, but come on. Gregor has been consistent all season long and Cam is always targeting him. Most of the the tight end options for this slate are just okay plays so why not spend just a little more for the best.

Acid Trip: Zach Miller @ Green Bay ($5,100) – Martellus Bennett is banged up with a rib injury from Sunday which should mean more looks for Miller regardless of whether he plays or not. Emerging as a crowd pleaser over the last few weeks, let’s roll the dice again and trip on Miller.

Absent Slip: WHATEVER – All of these guys are just okay. They are all realistically in the absent slip category. Play Olsen if you have the money or play whoever. It won’t hurt too much.


Detroit Lions ($4,400) have slowed down the Packers and Raiders in the last two weeks. This doesn’t necessarily sound like much but when you have a total of 6 defenses to choose from and one of them has done this with a price below the standard position minimum, take advantage and spend on skilled players.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Good luck and I challenge you to try out-eating Fat Eddy. Hit me up on twitter @FDJunkie if you have any questions and stay tuned for the full slate Trip coming out soon.


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