FDJunkie’s Week 11 FanDuel trip: Comin’ down with a case of the Keenums


Everyone thinks they are an “expert” on fantasy sports. That’s why daily fantasy exists. The only thing that separates the FDJunkie from those “other experts” is that he has a platform now to pretend like he’s one.


Big Whip: Derek Carr @ Detroit ($7,700) – The Lions just shut down the Packers in Green Bay so should we be cautious putting in the Carr against them at home? Absolutely not! Playing indoors and traveling not too far east has Carr in line for a big week. Pair with Michael Crabtree

Acid Trip: Case Keenum @ Baltimore ($4,800) – I feel like I’m at a Grateful Dead concert in the 60’s with all the potential Acid Trips around me. LSD has never been so plentiful… Osweiler vs Chicago? The return of the Dirty Sanchez? Gabbert 2.0. But don’t stop there. Let’s reach rock bottom for this week with a case of the Keenums in a juicy matchup against the forever fruitful Ravens. Pair with Tavon Austin (or get super cheeky with Jared Cook)

Absent Slip: Andy Dalton @ Arizona ($7,900) – The red rocket has truly been stellar in 2015 but his shortcomings have always come in prime time (exhibit A- last Monday night). Will he rise to the occasion this Sunday night in Arizona? If I were a betting man, [remember, FanDuel is a game of skill, not gambling ;-)] I certainly wouldn’t put my money on it. So don’t waste yours.

Running Backs

Big Whip: Charcandrick West @ San Diego ($7,100) – I feel so proud having watched this young Charmander evolve into a mature Charmaleon over the last few weeks. But mark your calendar folks. On November 22nd, 2015 we will all witness a world first. A real life fire breathing Charizard dominating the grid iron, permanently cementing himself as a beacon in our hearts. Hope you grab your first row seat.

Acid Trip: Darren Sproles vs Tampa Bay ($5,400)– When was the last week that Darren Sproles put together a relevant fantasy week? With all these successful acid trips, I honestly cannot remember. What I do know is Ryan Mathews looks like he will be sidelined for at least a week which opens the door for Sproles to snag more touches and use his old-man sneaky burst to find a seam off a pass and slip into the end zone.

Absent Slip: Chris Ivory @ Houston ($7,200) – The first place Houston Texans have started to play like the defense we expected going into the year. They are expecting Jadeveon Clowney back from injury this week which only adds another beast for the Jets O-line to try to contain. Over the last 4 games Ivory has only been averaging 2.5 yards per carry so if he does not find pay dirt, he will leave you depressed and disappointed.

Wide Receivers

Big Whips:

Calvin Johnson vs Oakland ($8,300) – After dropping the onside kick, Megatron needs a little confidence boost which times up perfectly for a match up with the Raiders. I think you can expect a shootout where Calvin is peppered with targets, both short and long, and he will remind us all once again of what a true studly talent he is.

Demariyus Thomas @ Chicago ($7,700) – DT has somehow put together a decent year with the league leader in interceptions at the helm. Never thought I’d see the day that I would be saying benching Peyton Manning is an upgrade but that day has come. Osweiler with his 6’8″ figure gives Thomas a better chance at scoring this week as he was the clear locked in target once BO took over. Oh yeah, and the Bears secondary is not very good.

Eric Decker @ Houston ($7,000) – Eric simply has the ball in his hands and finds his way into the painted region on the field every week. I have been told this is a good thing. Maybe he can do that funny thing he does twice in a game for the first time this year. And to put the cherry on top of it all, my girlfriend thinks he’s cute so I am being forced to play him (and certainly not regretting it).

Acid Trips:

Stevie Johnson vs Kansas City ($5,600)– Not a great match up necessarily but volume here is king. The remaining options for Mr. Rivers are decimated and going into the year, he did not see much difference in what Johnson and Allen can bring to the game respectively. To me that means 10+ catches are well within the realm of possibilities for Stevie coming off their bye.

Jaron Brown vs Cincinatti ($4,500) – After hitting with Chris Givens in this slot last week, I feel compelled to provide another trip for you at the minimum price for WR. The other J Brown in Arizona has been letting down with some bum hammys and Michael Floyd came up gimpy at the end of the game last week with his own hamstring woes. Bruce Arians and the next up mentality points right to Jaron stepping up into a bigger role in the Sunday night lights. Monitor the other receivers statuses but even if they play, the other Brown in town can be the one to shine the brightest.

Absent Slip:

AJ Green @ Arizona ($8,200) – In three of his last four games, Green has finished with under 7.5 points. Relying on the red rifle in a primetime game, as mentioned earlier, has not panned out over the last few years which will have a direct impact on Green’s ceiling. Take a pass.

Tight Ends

Big Whip: Jason Witten @ Miami ($5,500) – The return of Romo has Witten smiling from ear to ear. The ultimate safety blanket gets his best friend back at quarterback in a match-up with a Dolphins team that Brent Celek torched last week for over 130 yards.

Acid Trip: Zach Miller @ Denver ($5,000) – Call me crazy, but Zach Miller is looking like a candidate for comeback player of the year! I am only joking on that, but in all seriousness why not stay in the flames and give him a whirl this week. The Broncos have completely shut down their opponents this year on the edge but have proven vulnerable from time to time over the middle. Keep away from the corners, use what’s been working. Resurgence once again!

Absent Slip: Antonio Gates vs Arizona ($5,900) – Coming out of the bye banged up is not a good sign for the veteran. Rivers does not have many other places to look at the moment but I can’t see a scenario where Gates is effective with his MCL pestering him as he claimed himself “my MCL is an important part of my game.”


Are you still reading this? Did you listen to me last week and play the Steelers or Chiefs? Well it’s time to stop overlooking defense and maybe believe in the fact that the Junkie may have tapped into the good stuff. I feel like Rob Riggle a bit this week. No explanations that are reasonable, just answers: Philadelphia ($4,900), Kansas City ($4,400) or Chicago ($4,200) for some super savings.

Need more of the good stuff? Hit me up on twitter @FDJunkie. Any players you’re trippin on this week? Please do share.


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