That’s a bad way to lose: Vikings/Raiders over 44.5


You may have gotten the Vikings-Raiders over/under at 44 this week and gotten the push on the Vikings 30-14 victory, but let’s be honest…you probably got the line at over 44.5 and ended up losing. Now if you are a long-time bettor, then you probably know how valuable half points can be and in this case it was the difference between a push and a loss.

So why were the Vikings and Raiders unable to hit the over on this total? Why are the ones who still took the over despite the presence of that little half point kicking themselves on Monday?

The Vikings had a 7-0 lead over the Raiders and had 1st and goal on the 2-yard line. Peterson got stuffed on first down and then this happened on second down:

Yup that’s Kyle Rudolph, who I DID NOT take in DraftKings this week, dropping a WIDE OPEN touchdown in a way that only Kyle Rudolph (or Ted Ginn) could do. Obviously the Vikings couldn’t convert on third down and had to settle for a field goal. Over bettors might want those extra four points now. THANKS KYLE!


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