Git Out: Four NHL Teams Guaranteed to Blow Their Playoff Spot


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Four teams in, and four teams out. Here are four teams that will be sneaking into a playoff spot and four hopeful teams who will unfortunately be hitting the golf course

Hittin’ the Green:

New Jersey Devils: A win in Chicago put the Devils in a playoff spot. The top line of Henrique-Stempniak-Cammalleri is certainly clicking but let’s be real, is anyone really afraid of them? As well as they’re playing, this team has peaked. Don’t expect them to stay this good all year.

Ottawa Senators: It took a miraculous stretch last season that saw the Hamburgler go 20-1-2 to barely clinch a playoff spot. I do not expect that to happen again. Only three of their eight wins this season have come against teams currently in a playoff spot, with one of those wins being in a shootout.

Arizona Coyotes: This is a similar situation to New Jersey, they are currently over-achieving and have peaked early in the season. Max Domi is an absolute stud, but I don’t think this team can hang onto a playoff spot with the big dogs in the West.

Vancouver Canucks: Once a legitimate cup contender, now an under-achiever with an aging core. To think this team had Luongo and Cory Schneider, and gave up both of them for next to nothing. They do have former superstar Ryan Miller in net but he’s old and looks inconsistent. The Sedin’s aren’t what they used to be. This team will have trouble hanging on for dear life to that playoff spot. Where’s did the secondary scoring go? Oh that’s right, Kesler to Anaheim…awkward

Sneaky Snakes:

Boston Bruins: Boston is currently out of a playoff spot; expect that to change by seasons end. After missing the playoffs last year I would expect the experienced Bruins squad to turn things around and sneak into playoff contention.

Detroit Red Wings: 24 straight playoff appearances, let me say that again, 24 straight playoff appearances. Yes Detroit is out of a playoff spot at the moment, but like their original-6 counterpart, I expect that to change. The return of Pavel Datsyuk will turn things around. Look for the NHL record playoff streak to stay alive.

Anaheim Ducks: Corey Perry has seven points in his last five games, with four goals over that stretch, including his 300th career goal. Anaheim is 3-0-2 as a result with their last two losses being in overtime. I fully expect Anaheim to make up for their slow start and be one of the deadlier teams come playoff time.

San Jose Sharks: Perennial playoff chokers, the San Jose Sharks are currently out of a playoff spot. They are a very talented team with a promising goaltender. I expect them to remain the threat they’ve been during the regular season and clinch a playoff spot, only to lose to the Ducks or Kings in the Spring of 2016, but hey they’ll be there!



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