FDJunkie’s Week 10 FanDuel Trip


Everyone thinks they are an “expert” on fantasy sports. That’s why daily fantasy exists. The only thing that separates the FDJunkie from those “other experts” is that he has a platform now to pretend like he’s one.


Big Whip: Cam Newton @ Tennessee ($8,200) – If there were any doubts remaining about Cam Newton being a top Quarterback in 2015, those have all been dismantled last week. Superman should continue his roll this week in Nashville putting in his bid for MVP. Pair with Greg Olsen

Value Flip: Blake Bortles @ Baltimore ($7,800) – Still looking for the Bort license plate? Look no further in week 10. Leading the two Allens to be the first receiving duo since 2007 with 600+ yards and 6 touchdowns since Welker and Moss in 2007, heading into Baltimore should only be another notch on his belt to the 2015 season. Pair with Allen Robinson

Acid Trip: Kirk Cousins vs New Orleans ($6,500) – You like that? Captain Kirk certainly likes this upcoming match-up. The Saints have given up ten touchdowns through the air over the last two weeks and have even handed some of them right over. Pair with Jordan Reed

Absent Slip: Peyton Manning vs Kansas City ($7,700) – In the matchup of a quarterback that used to be good versus a defense that started the season poorly, we need to realize it is week 10 in 2015 where Peyton Manning should be a free agent in all season-long leagues and therefore is not worth any price FanDuel will try to ask you for him.

Running Backs

Big Whip: Deangelo Williams vs Cleveland ($7,600)- You can spend your money on a fancy car or you can simply go with the running back who has been the number one back for the three weeks combined he started. This isn’t a throwback to Cadillac Williams but rather a rejuvenated, pink-haired Deangelo who is running like a young Michelangelo painting the sistine chapel. It’s a thing of beauty.

Value Flip: Lamar Miller @ Philadelphia ($7,200)- Scoring 2 touchdowns in every game except one since our favorite bicep with a smile took over the lead in Miami, Miller has quietly snuck into the top 5 running backs statistically on the year. Don’t be spooked when he does it again this week as he gains more confidence with each stride.

Acid Trip: Andre Ellington @ Seattle ($5,400)- We’re going to be trippin’ hard this week on Red Jesus. He has taken a back seat to CJ2K since getting injured earlier this season but all it takes is one touch for him to break one out to the house. Where the running game won’t be easy sledding in Seattle, Ellington should likely see a little more action as a pass catcher and could catch everyone by surprise in his return to the limelight.

Absent Slip: Legarrette Blount @ New York Giants ($6,900)- The one week Dion Lewis missed with his abdominal injury, Blount only received 3 carries for -3 yards. While I expect him to be more involved than that and very possibly punch in a touchdown from up close, be aware that many people will likely be playing him and he could possibly be the slip that gives you the upper hand as the Giants defense has been most vulnerable through the air.

Wide Receivers

Big Whips:

AJ Green vs Houston ($8,300) – As long as this game doesn’t get out of hand too quickly, Green can be that late bump on Monday night you need to either get you in the money or move you up to the top. Dalton has been on fire and this should continue against an abysmal Texans defense.

Julian Edelman @ New York Giants ($8,000) – If you are on a deserted island but find a cave that has a fresh home cooked meal waiting for you in the evening, do you go back the next day to see if there is another one? Of course you do. Is this advice for fantasy football? Of course it is. Don’t think, just play Jules especially with a potential volume increase sans Lewis.

Value Flips:

Allen(s) Robinson/Hurns @ Baltimore ($7,500/$7,300) – The Ravens are putting together one of the worst historical defensive seasons all-time for their franchise. See Blake Bortles above.

Davante Adams vs Detroit ($5,800) – The price has not caught up to the health here yet. Coming off two tough road losses, the Pack luckily come back home to Green Bay to face off with the Lions. There really aren’t much better confidence boosters than this.

Acid Trips:

DeSean Jackson vs New Orleans ($6,000)- Going into the season, DeSean Jackson said there was not a single defensive back in the league that could cover him. The next day he got injured. Jackson had last week to get re-acclimated and now he gets to play against a team that doesn’t seem to have any defensive backs. Worth the shot for a deep connection or three.

Chris Givens vs Jacksonville ($4,500) – Joe Flacco misses Torrey Smith. In a game where his arm will need to make a big difference, let’s save some money and take a flier on the burner Givens. He has gotten more and more involved each week since joining the team and now with few alternatives ahead or behind, this week can be the week he hits before coming on the main radar.

Absent Slips:

Antonio Brown vs Cleveland ($8,700) – Coming off one of the best games of his career, Brown can be found weeping in the corner about losing the reason why he was a big whip last week, Mr. Roethlisburguesa. Landry Jones did a decent job filling in but he did not show the same favorable bias to Antonio, throwing all of his touchdowns to Marty Bryant.

Amari Cooper vs Minnesota ($7,100) – Banged up a bit during the week and likely drawing top coverage, Cooper could be in for a tougher match-up preventing him from earning his value’s worth. If you want to play an Oakland receiver this week, stick with Crabtree.

Tight Ends

Big Whip: Delanie Walker vs Carolina ($5,800) – Taking note from last week, the Panthers have outstanding corners so when you need touchdowns, who do you look too… the larger man in the middle. Walker is significantly more talented than Richards Rodgers who hauled in 2 touchdowns last week vs the Panthers. And on top of that, Walker is Mariota’s favorite target in a game they will likely be playing from behind. Arrow is trending up.

Value Flip: Jordan Reed vs New Orleans ($5,700) – I will say it again. When Jordan Reed is healthy, he is one of the best tight ends in the league. This week he shouldn’t need to rely on only garbage time to do his damage.

Acid Trip: Austin Seferian-Jenkins vs Dallas ($5,300) – Playing someone their first week back from a long injury break is risky, but that’s what happens when you’re trippin. ASJ emerged as a trusted target for Winston at the beginning of the year and should fall back into the role right away as the Bucs pass catchers are depleted or dropping the ball at will.

Absent Slip: Jimmy Graham vs Arizona ($6,000) – Graham has not caught a touchdown pass since Week 3. That doesn’t bode well for him going up against a Cardinal defense that has vastly improved their ability to cover the tight end.


Cincinnati ($5,000) seems to be the best expensive option as the Bears have actually looked decent on offense the past few weeks and the Chiefs are coming off the bye. Some sneaky defenses that stand out are Pittsburgh ($4,600) and Kansas City ($4,300) but they’re all just defenses and your guess is as good as mine. I mean let’s be honest, I’m just a junkie. As much of an expert as you.

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