Keep Calm and Jagr Bomb


You wouldn’t hire a clown to fix a leak in the john, that’s why The Turkatron was sent back in time from the future…in Canada, to be your hockey specialist. Each week highlighting all you need to know in the world of puck.

3-on-3 overtime: More of a gong-show than a reasonable way to settle a game. NHL’s experiment has worked though, games are ending faster, even if it means defenseman are getting breakaways, which is just dumb but kind of awesome at the same time. Am I right Jason Garrison?

Struggling Superstars: After recording 81 points last year, Jakub Voracek is yet to score a goal. Corey Perry seems to be out of his slump, but no denying his slow start, same goes for Ryan Getzlaf. I love Crosby’s highlight of the season, but how ’bout scoring a goal eh? I’d expect them all to turn it around. But If I had to be worried about one guy it’d be Jakub Voracek, his lack of production is alarming.

Rise of the rookie: McDavid injured, but Domi and Panarin leading the way. Larkin, Eichel and Paryko look dangerous too. Going to be a tight Calder race, I’m picking Domi. Did you see him go backhand cheese?

How good is Montreal?: A tough loss in a shootout to the Penguins doesn’t drop Montreal in any power rankings, and even with Price injured, this is one tough team to beat. Dale Weise has 8 goals this season, seriously? That’s more than Stamkos and tied with Ovechkin. Third line is clicking, but can the Habs finish in the playoffs? I wouldn’t count on them winning it all, the Stanley Cup hasn’t been won by a Canadian team since ’93. Tampa Bay, Boston, and New York will all be tough tests for Montreal. Some teams just don’t have championship DNA, Montreal will lose in the third round.

Stars in Dallas: Will Seguin and Benn ever slow down their scoring pace? Don’t count on it, they are the most lethal duo in the league. Tyler Seguin torched his old team. Not to mention John Klingberg is leading all defenseman in scoring in just his second year in the pros. Dallas looks scary, goaltending is legit too.


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