This Week in Dumb Lakers Stuff


With the unfortunate and untimely collapse that may be “This Week in Dumb Andrea Bargnani Highlights” (only because Bargnani is getting like ten minutes a game now), the Schmozone needs another “This Week in Dumb…” stuff so the Los Angeles Lakers will certainly suffice.

Last night against the Heat, the Lakers were even more dumb than usual and have figured out ways to destroy the game of basketball in the most efficient manner possible.

Let’s start with giving Luol Deng uncontested lay-ups:

That right there is Julius Randle with the stifling perimeter defense.

Now time for some Marcelo Huertas action who is not a midfielder on Real Madrid, but actually a 32-year old rookie point guard out of Brazil:

The Lakers are running a f*cking circus out there. A GODDAMN CIRCUS!

Kobe actually didn’t play in this one (back hurt) which might be a good thing since he self-admittedly “f*cking sucks.”

Second overall pick De’Angelo Russell hasn’t been very good so far and has been frequently getting benched in favor of Lou Williams when the game is tight in the fourth quarter, but then he was also benched in the fourth quarter when the Heat were blowing the Lakers out on Tuesday because according to Byron Scott “the Heat had too big of a lead:”

So I guess Russell just isn’t allowed to play in the fourth quarter. Makes sense, Byron. I’m all for it if that means we get to see more Marcelo Huertas highlights like this one:


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