Check Out Manute Bol Just Launching Threes


Why am I posting this? Why would I not post this? Just look at Manute Bol just launching three pointers. It’s mesmerizing.

On March 3, 1993, the 7’7 behemoth apparently just decided that he would start launching three-pointers in a game against the Phoenix Suns….and he made six of them….in one half of basketball! And he’s not just tiptoeing that three-point line. Some of these are like those “whoops, I didn’t mean to flick the right joystick” type of shots.

Just look at him! He looks like a trebuchet trying to take down a castle! This is the kind of thing that happens in like NBA Jam when you just start draining treys for no reason with like Shawn Bradley and the guy you’re playing is just over there throwing his arms up.

Sadly, Manute Bol passed away in 2010 and was a beloved player on and off the court. Put this one in the Manute Bol time capsule….RIP big guy.

Be ready in a couple years though……Manute Bol has a 15-year old son named Bol Bol…and he’s 6’11:


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