Divac’s Flop of the Week: The Mets Had Juan Uribe and Didn’t Care


I really wanted to make Colin Kaepernick ignoring an uncovered Torrey Smith the Flop of the Week, but I just can’t ignore what happened with the Mets in the World Series. Oh the Mets. Frank Thomas summed it up best:

Heads high Mets! You only gave away the World Series! Now here’s Frank Thomas on Colin Kaepernick not throwing to a wide open Torrey Smith:

“Colin Kaepernick has nothing to be ashamed of except that he’s a terrible quarterback and may soon be benched for Blaine Gabbert.” Ok, he didn’t say that of course but that right there is the Colin Kaepernick equivalent of that quote.

I’m by no means a Mets fan and won’t pretend that I can even relate to how ACTUAL Mets fans are feeling right now who by all accounts are not feeling well:

However, having 17-1 odds on a certain team winning the World Series since June can make you FEEL like you are a Mets fan. It really wouldn’t have been as bad had the Mets just lost, but they didn’t just lose. They legitimately botched three out of the four games they lost. Frank Thomas is completely right. They GAVE AWAY the World Series!

I won’t even go into specifics. I can’t even do so. The bottom line is that if you care anything about baseball (and you probably do since you’re reading this), then you know the specifics about HOW BAD the Mets f***** this World Series up. Most people will say, “but give the Royals credit, good things happen when you put the ball in play, speed kills, they catch the baseball, they hit in the clutch, etc.” Sure, congrats Royals on your World Series. Hands down the best team in baseball, they deserved that title.

THE METS THOUGH! THE F****** METS! They literally did nothing right when it mattered most. They reverted back to the “we’re still paying Bobby Bonilla even though he’s been retired for over 15 years” Mets. There’s no blame to be placed here on anyone in particular. Daniel Murphy made errors. Lucas Duda couldn’t throw home. Terry Collins misused the bullpen for the most part. Nobody except Curtis Granderson even thought about hitting the baseball. It was just a clusterf*** of terribleness. A true team effort.

But all of that pales in comparison to the REAL reason why the Mets lost this World Series. WHY IN THE WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS DID THE METS NOT USE JUAN URIBE!? THE KING OF CLUTCH!

That’s three of the clutchest playoff moments you’ll ever want to see for three different teams. Name me another player in baseball who has done that for three different teams.

Juan Uribe had not played in the NLDS or NLCS for the Mets due to injury, but was on the Mets’ World Series roster and came through in his only at-bat with a clutch base hit despite not having had an at-bat in like a month. The only other time he would see the field in the World Series was when he was left on deck when Wilmer Flores made the final out of the World Series.

Divac (I’m going all third person here) is an irrational lover of Juan Uribe (still my favorite baseball player ever and will forever be due to his 2005 World Series heroics for the White Sox — the team I actually root for). The dude is a winner. He wins baseball games and he gets clutch hits. He has played on ONE losing team since 2004 (the 2007 White Sox, an absolute atrocity of a team) and it’s not like he’s just played for the Cardinals or Yankees his whole career. Since 2004, he’s played on winning teams with the White Sox, Giants, Dodgers, and Mets.

Yes, the Mets offense exploded after they acquired Yoenis Cespedes. However, it actually had already gotten going a week before doing so when they acquired Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe on July 24. In Uribe’s first six games with the team, they Mets averaged over 5.5 runs/game (they had been averaging under 3 runs/game in July up to that point) and he delivered a walk-off single against the Dodgers (the team that needlessly traded him to the Braves earlier that season for Alberto Callaspo) in his first start with the Mets. That’s what Juan Uribe does and their offense never looked back after that.

When it came to the most important games of the season, Juan Uribe was finally available to deliver his heroics and the Mets just didn’t care. We were forced to watch the likes of Wilmer Flores record out after out while the Mets left one of the all-time clutchest playoff performers in the dugout. That right there was Terry Collins true mistake.


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