Raul Mondesi’s Son is on the Royals World Series Roster, Makes Me Feel Old


Ready to feel old? Raul Mondesi, who somehow retired a decade ago which doesn’t seem possible but is in fact true, now has a 20-year old son (appropriately named Raul Mondesi Jr.) playing professional baseball…..and he’s on the Royals’ World Series roster:

Damnit, this makes me feel old. Raul Mondesi never appeared in a World Series by the way in his 13 seasons and now his 20-year old son has without even playing a MLB game. Seems fair.

The elder Mondesi was an All-Star for the Dodgers in 1995 and Rookie of the Year for them in 1994. He had a rare combo of power and speed while posting two 30+ home run, 30+ stole base seasons for the Dodgers and had an absolute cannon in right field:

He also represented the Blue Jays as one of the pros in Backyard Baseball 2001, one of my favorite baseball games ever.

Raul Mondesi Jr. was the #28 prospect for Baseball America entering the season and signed with the Royals in 2011 as an undrafted free agent. He will provide the Royals with some middle infield depth and speed off the bench. If he does play, he would be the first player ever to make his MLB debut in the World Series. He also has a brother named Raul Mondesi which isn’t confusing at all.

Joe Camporeale / USA TODAY Sports

If nothing else, he will still make everyone that can remember Raul Mondesi feel really, really old.


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