Divac’s Flop of the Week: Whatever it Was the Colts Did Last Night


Cris Collinsworth was completely baffled….that’s how baffling the Colts “fake punt play” was last night. It was the dumbest special teams play that I could remember ever seeing and I definitely saw that Michigan game the day before. It NEARLY out-Orlovskied Dan Orlovsky (but not quite, nothing will ever top that). It was even a sadder Colts moment than this:



Yes, that’s the “AFC Finalist” banner the Colts raised last year to commemorate their 80 point loss to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. Now, they’ll probably raise a “played a NFL game while on acid” banner because this happened:


I’m still literally speechless over trying to explain what that was last night. Divac doesn’t even know what to say and I usually always have something to say. At least with the Michigan play, you can make sense of it…..the punter fumbled and he should have fallen on it, but he didn’t and Michigan State picked it up and ran it for a touchdown and people were crying and the world was ending. This was just outrageous. Here’s what Colts head coach Chuck Pagano had to say:

“The punt play,” said Pagano. “Again, I take responsibility there. The whole idea there was on a 4th and 3 and less, shift the alignment to where you either catch them misaligned, they try to sub some people in, or catch them with 12 men on the field. And if you get a certain look, you got 3 yards, 2 yards–you can make a play.”

“Again, we shifted over, and I didn’t do a good enough job of coaching it during the week,” added Pagano. “Alignment-wise, we weren’t lined up correctly, and then a communication breakdown between the quarterback (Colt Anderson) and the snapper (Griff Whalen).”

“And that’s on me,” concluded Pagano. “I take full responsibility on that. I didn’t go a good enough job of getting that communicated to the guys, and obviously it played a huge factor in this loss. Given the field position and the point of the game and the touchdown that resulted.”

Um, ok.

Punter Pat McAfee actually admitted that they worked on this play for over a year:

“So we’ve worked that play for, we started working on it last year,” said McAfee. “And then we put it back in again this week. It’s a play where you try to take advantage of numbers. We try to confuse the defense and hopefully get an edge numbers-wise.”

“The look was not there that we normally have in practice, where it’s a go,” added McAfee. “There must’ve been some miscommunication between the snapper and Colt (Anderson).”

Practice makes perfect, boys.

The Colts were on acid. That’s all I got.


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