This Headline on 2 Chainz Being Invited to Perform at Hoya Madness is Incredible


College basketball season is right around the corner and sometimes the best headlines come from the places you least expect them. Case in point, Washington Post reporter Scott Allen who titled his article on Georgetown inviting 2 Chainz to perform at Hoya Hoops Madness the following:

“Georgetown invites 2 Chainz to Hoya Hoops Madness, where he’ll probably get upset by 15 Chainz”

That right there my friends is an epic headline. BECAUSE IT’S GEORGETOWN! And they lose to 15 seeds! (well, usually 14 seeds but you get the point.)

Well done, Mr. Allen. I wish I could say I would have thought of that headline had I known about Mr. Chainz’ invitation to Hoya Madness, but I honestly can’t say that I would have.


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