Jose Bautista’s Swag Rampage Continues After Sam Dyson Calls His Bat Flip “Backyard Baseball”


Rangers relief pitcher Sam Dyson let up an 8000-foot, game-winning three-run home run to the “Ultimate Swagmaster” Jose Bautista in the craziest 7th inning you’ll ever see and Joey Bats happened to unleash the bat flip to end all bat flips afterwards. It’s so epic that I’m going to post it again:


As expected, Dyson didn’t take too kindly to Bautista’s antics following the game and attempted to perform his baseball enforcer duties to uphold the sacred unwritten rules of baseball:

Jose responded  to his comments in a way that only the “Ultimate Swagmaster” could:

Ladies and gentlemen, that right there is a swag rampage. Like I said before, baseball’s unwritten rules belong in the trash and Joey Bats knows this.

Also, what’s Sam Dyson talking about calling Joey Bats’ antics “backyard baseball?” Backyard baseball is all about sportsmanship…they let a kid in a wheelchair play!


Backyard Baseball (Humongous Entertainment)

Unless it’s a high chopper, fielding a ground ball while sitting in a wheelchair has got to be one of the hardest tasks in the world…..right up there with ascending the Aggro Crag on GUTS (so many buttons to hit!) and assembling the silver monkey in Legends of the Hidden Temple. Props to Kenny Kawaguchi, that guy was a gamer.

I do somewhat see though where Dyson was going with his Backyard Baseball comments. I could see somebody mistaking the game for Backyard Baseball as listening to Harold Reynolds call a baseball game is like listening to Backyard Baseball speed demon Pete Wheeler deliver a dissertation on nuclear physics. I’m pretty sure I heard Harold Reynolds say at one point that the Jays had hit their “second touchdown of the game” and I think he called out the Rangers for “icing” in the 5th inning. In all seriousness though, he didn’t even realize the game was tied at three until like midway through Bautista’s at-bat. He also said that Canadians don’t know how to catch foul balls, so there’s that too.

Americans are way better at catching foul balls.

I’d also be in clear violation of Backyard Baseball etiquette if I didn’t at some point mention “The Secret Weapon” Pablo Sanchez who is essentially the Jose Bautista of Backyard Baseball times a bajillion. He gives no f*cks about unwritten rules either:

Just listen to him taunt the players as he runs around the bases! And he doesn’t tuck his shirt in either! See what I mean, no regard for unwritten rules.

There should be an entire week dedicated to Pablo Sanchez. He’s the greatest. Adios pelota.


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