Derek Jeter Did This 14 Years Ago Tonight


Tonight will mark the 14th anniversary of the Derek Jeter “flip play.” 14 years! Hard to believe:

On October 13, 2001, the Yankees captain pulled off one of the most iconic plays in MLB history in Game 3 of the ALDS in Oakland. The Yankees had already dropped the first two games in New York, but led the Athletics 1-0 in the seventh inning. Terrance Long laced a Mike Mussina offering down the right field line with Jeremy Giambi on first base. Shane Spencer corralled it and hurled an errant throw over the heads of both cut-off men.

The rest is history. Jeter races in from shortstop, scoops up Spencer’s throw near the first base line, and flips it to catcher Jorge Posada who tags out a non-sliding Jeremy Giambi to preserve the 1-0 lead. Nobody had seen a play quite like that one nor has anybody seen a play quite like it since. In a career filled with iconic moments, the “flip play” just might be the most iconic of Jeter’s career.

The Yankees went on to win the ALDS, but lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks in one of the more classic World Series of all-time. That World Series may have never happened without this…..and now it’s 14 years old tonight.


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