Cory Matthews-Looking Klay Thompson May Have Cheated on His Girlfriend For Some Reason


According to the Instagram screenshot below, it appears that Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson may have cheated on his 23 year-old model girlfriend, Hannah Stocking, for some reason:


Screenshot via the Daily Mail

Hannah Stocking, who has an Instagram with high-quality photos, has since deleted the post (shocker). If you don’t like clicking on links, then here is a quick sampling:

Hannah Stocking (Photo: Instagram)

You can good ahead and click the link now.

It would also be a good time to also point out that Klay Thompson looks like Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World:

Ben Savage/Klay Thompson (Photo: Twitter)

Look, the only time I can ever remember Cory Matthews cheating on Topanga was when they all went skiing and Cory faked an injury so he could stay at the lodge to hang out with the girl that worked there and they ended up kissing…..but he and Topanga still ended up getting married and producing a Girl Meets World spin-off so there’s still hope for Klay and Hannah. However — if there are levels of cheating — sleeping with a groupie may be higher on the scale than faking an injury and kissing a ski lodge hostess.

Maybe Klay can claim he’s still suffering from concussion-like symptoms from Trevor Ariza’s knee in the Western Conference Finals and patch things up…..but if not, Divac is ready to bring his Instagram “A game.”


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