Divac’s Fantasy Hit List: C.J. Spiller, “The Break-up”


Divac’s Fantasy Hit List, a list of the most infuriating players to own in fantasy football. Good luck winning with these clowns.

Player: C.J. Spiller

Position: Running Back

Team: New Orleans Saints

Violation: Screwing me over more times than I can count despite giving him my undying love.

I’m done. I’m f*cking done with C.J. Spiller. Year after year, this guy continues to be the biggest disappointment in the NFL and I just can’t give him up. I would’ve made this guy the f*cking Pope in 2013 when I drafted him in EVERY SINGLE league with like the third pick overall. I was so sure that 2013 was the year of C.J. Spiller.

Now my undying, irrational love for Spiller is a running joke among my leaguemates. Only Rick Astley can describe my love affair with C.J. Spiller:

Coming off a Pro Bowl season in 2012 in which he had over 1,500 yards from scrimmage despite the annoying presence of Fred Jackson (especially in the red zone), Spiller was set to explode in 2013 as the Bills true feature back. Fred Jackson was an aging and injured, mid-level talent who had seemingly been on the Bills forever and probably split carries at one time with like O.J. Simpson. On the other hand, Spiller was an explosive ninth overall pick in 2010 out of Clemson that the Bills had signed for five years, $25 million as a rookie. It was just impossible to keep this guy off the field and even the Bills knew it.

However, this is the Buffalo Bills and NOBODY screws up their running back situation quite like the Buffalo Bills! Entering the 2013 season, Doug Marrone waltzed on in to Buffalo to replace Chan Gailey as head coach and vowed to make C.J. Spiller the feature back which made sense because he was awesome. Offensive coordinator Nate Hackett chimed in that they were going to “feed Spiller the ball until he threw up.”

Instead, Marrone and company proved to be absolutely clueless on how to use Spiller properly by failing to get him in space and Fred Jackson ended up being the more productive player. While I witnessed F-Jax plod his way to ten touchdowns, Spiller was a colossal disappointment with countless clunkers and only two touchdowns. The 933 rushing yards and 40 receptions is hardly indicative of how terrible Spiller was as his better games likely came when he was already on your bench. He was an absolute nightmare to have on your fantasy team.

Did I blame Spiller though? Nope, I blamed Doug Marrone and the Bills’ incompetence. I held strong and contended that Spiller would rise top the top, but this time as a value pick in 2014. He of course was a complete disaster and broke his collarbone in Week 7. This was when I finally should have given up on Spiller for good, but this season was a new beginning for my man C.J. He was on the SAINTS NOW! The team that made Darren Sproles into a fantasy star and they brought him in to be exactly that!

I never learn….I couldn’t resist taking the plunge on C.J. once again. After opening the season injured, Spiller finally broke a big one in Week 4 thanks to a fluke 80-yard touchdown in overtime to beat the Cowboys. Regardless of when it came (or that it came when everybody had him benched), it gave all of us Spiller aficionados the hope that finally we could unleash the wrath of Spiller in Week 5 against the Eagles. It’s pretty clear the Saints need him involved. Right?

We should have seen it coming — after all this was a guy who’s only been in the end zone FIVE TIMES since the end of 2012– but three catches for NEGATIVE EIGHT YARDS! REALLY!?!?! How do you catch three passes for negative eight yards? Was Brees throwing the ball backwards? How does that happen?

This is it C.J. You’ve broken my heart one too many times. You’re being dropped on Tuesday…we are officially through. It’s over. Take it away Jesse McCartney:

– Divac


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