Let’s talk about how Anthony Bennett was blind during his rookie season


I feel bad for Anthony Bennett. I really do. Nobody would give a s*** about Anthony Bennett being a complete NBA draft bust if he was like the seventh pick overall in the 2013 NBA Draft. He would’ve gone down as just another Joe Alexander, Patrick O’Bryant, or Rafael Araujo. Nobody would care.

However, the Cleveland Cavaliers were extraordinarily dumb and decided to ruin Anthony Bennett’s life by taking him first overall in 2013 which was a complete shock to anybody who knew anything about basketball. Because of that, he’s right there with Michael Olowokandi and Kwamaaaaaaaaaaay Brown as the worst first overall pick ever. It took him until January 28 of his rookie season to record his first double-digit scoring game. This right here pretty much sums up Bennett’s time in Cleveland:

He hit the rim at least which is pretty good for a guy who couldn’t see. Yeah, that’s right. …Anthony Bennett was f****** blind during his rookie season. Didn’t know that, did you? Here’s what he told SI’s Chris Mannix:

“You see that white board?” Bennett said recently, pointing to a board no more than 10 feet away. “Last year, I couldn’t read the writing on it.”

And during games?

“Anything far, I couldn’t really see,” Bennett said. “I couldn’t see the people in the stands. Now I can see the scoreboard. I can see what plays coach wants to run.”


Oh. That explains a lot actually. But why didn’t he just wear contacts?

The problem with contacts is that they require some sort of hand-eye coordination in order to place them properly in your eye. Simply put, Bennett couldn’t figure out how to put them in. In addition to this, he also had asthma and sleep apnea. So the Cavs spent their first overall pick on an overweight and nearly blind power forward who wasn’t coordinated enough to put contacts in his eyes and had a myriad of breathing troubles. CLEVELAND SPORTS EVERYBODY!

After his rookie season, Cleveland literally just threw him into the Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love deal. But WAIT! The joke’s still on you Cleveland! After being traded, Bennett got LASER EYE SURGERY! Now he could see his shots barely graze the rim! With his newfound eyesight, Bennett’s court vision improved greatly to the point that he began to see open teammates that were invisible to the naked eye:

Despite his now elite vision, the T’wolves have decided that they’ve had enough with Bennett’s basketball shenanigans and were able to agree to a buyout of his $5.8 million contract. Bennett, a former first overall pick just two years ago, is now going to be playing for his third team in three years. … that is if any team is willing to pay this man money to sit on the bench. To put that in perspective, it took seven-plus years before Kwame or Olowokandi played for their third NBA team.

Even Hasheem Thabeet, the buster of all busters, didn’t play for his third team until his FIFTH SEASON! HASHEEM THABEET! The dude played seven seasons and couldn’t even reach 500 career points!

Anthony Bennett. You sire, have entered your own class of draft bust.


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