Vlade Divac is the New Voice of Waze, Taking Over the World


Vlade Divac is reportedly running the Sacramento Kings now, but he’s not stopping there. Vlade is continuing his Gengis Kahn-like conquest of the world by telling you where to drive. From April 16 until mid-June, the popular navigation app Waze will allow users the choice (not sure why it’s a choice, should be mandatory) of using Vlade’s voice to guide them away from traffic. I’m ready to rock with Divac!

I don’t have this Waze app, but I immediately downloaded it. Most likely I will just listen to this during all hours of the day and just enter in potential destinations that I will never go to just to see what Vlade would do.

IMG_1713 (1)

IN TWO LANGUAGES! I’m going to drive to Belgrade now. Have a nice day.


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Divac is the Editor-In Chief of The Schmozone and founder of He is a fantasy sports maniac with terrible gambling habits and has a strange, irrational obsession with everything that is NBA legend Vlade Divac. Divac will be posting his outrageous commentary on daily sports topics in "The Daily Flop" section and one day dreams of being re-born as a mediocre Eastern European NBA journeyman.