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‘Speak Loudly and Carry a Bigger Stick’

We humans are the only species on Earth to remove ourselves from the food chain. Rather than worry about gathering food or being eaten, we worry about what shows to watch on television or which brand of toilet paper to use. We have time for entertainment and there is no better form of entertainment than sports. Why? Dating back to our ancient civilizations of Sumer, Egypt, and Greece, sports became the human establishment of connecting body and mind to the environment. They became popular; an Olympic tradition emerged and continues worldwide every four years. These games have people in our country so amped that they make singing ‘God Bless America’ more eventful than Miley Cyrus playing with large boulders in her music videos.

Sports tell the ongoing story of life… We win, we lose, form relationships, learn lessons, and most importantly our blood pressure rises because they give us something to care about! Oh…. and I care a lot! Seriously. You will find out very soon.

Disclaimer: I’m not here to please anyone (okay… maybe just one or two of you). I’m here to tell it like it is- share my honest, raw feelings on sports topics in contemporary society with no filter or limitations. Hate me, love me and feel free to share your thoughts. Indulge!

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About Author

The Schmo is a brash, eccentric sports personality who dabbles in topics that cross our minds in everyday life that few talk about. A sports junkie who takes a philosophical yet unrefined approach to living, writing, and entertaining. The Schmo will tell it like it is with no filter or limitations.